Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Jubilee Cake

So, it's officially the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend!
Well, actually we're already on day three of the four day weekend now, however Monday shall be the main day of fireworks (whilst the official date is, contradictory, Tuesday...)

However, because I love cooking and baking, I make any excuse to partake in my secret love, thus, I made this marzipan cake in her honour. & no, I didn't have a little queen shape cut out for the Queen's head, I just cut it roughly with a knife spontaneously (the only skill I have appears to be cutting out images in icing/marzipan)

Due to my eating disorder I sadly didn't taste any of it, but everyone else said it was delicious so looks like it was first time good luck with this cake! Anyone actually celebrating the Jubilee with a street party? I sadly shan't be as my mother really isn't interested haha, but I hope fellow Brits have a lovely day (:


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